Your dialysis center can’t take mold removal lightly. Here’s why.

Advanced Mold Diagnostics did not always focus on mold removal. In fact, we opened up the mold remediation division of our company to address a pressing need in Pennsylvania. There were too many companies which did not understand how difficult it is to remove mold, and, as a result, AMD couldn’t find mold removal companies to recommend to their clients.Dialysis Center Mold Removal

To better describe the reason that Advanced Mold Diagnostics decided to become involved in mold removal, think of our company as a proctor of a very difficult exam. The proctor takes the subject material seriously and holds the examinees to a high standard. However, suppose that people keep failing the exam because they consistently underestimate its difficulty. The proctor becomes so frustrated that they decide to take the exam themselves so at least somebody does it right.

Using this analogy, Advanced Mold Diagnostics was very much like the proctor. We used to primarily focus on the evaluation of mold removal companies. We would inspect their work and see if their methods were effective. Our investigations astounded us. We consistently discovered failed attempts at mold remediation. The companies were not thorough and did not appear to take the importance of their job seriously.

Much like an proctor taking the test themselves, those of us at Advanced Mold Diagnostics decided to take mold removal into our own hands. We wanted to improve mold remediation, and we knew that we were the best company for the task. We understand how difficult mold removal can be, and vowed to make sure that we would address mold with the serious consideration that it merits.

Improving Mold Removal

People deserve to work and receive treatment in a mold-free environment, and we set out to make sure that this is the case for every medical center that we encounter. Medical centers cannot afford to hire mediocre mold removal companies, since doing so not only wastes money but also fails to ensure that the medical center has healthy, breathable air.

If you manage a medical center and are in need of mold removal service, then Advanced Mold Diagnostics is the company to consult. We will send certified experts who will evaluate the building, remove mold, and implement preventive measures to avoid mold in the future. We treat medical centers with the care that they deserve, which is demonstrated by our 98.4% mold abatement pass rate on the first try.

If you want the job done right the first time, then call us today at 1-800-642-8305.


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