Lately, mold has been popping up in the media more and more. A few weeks ago, a huge news piece on the dangers of mold and its correlation with the increased number of asthma diagnoses in the United States hit the news. This past week, on the latest episode of the hit show, Parenthood, mold showed its face again. What does this mean for the industry?


On Parenthood, viewers can find an array of storylines and themes that will entertain even the pickiest television fan. One of the things that sets this show apart is how real it is. The situations and characters on this show are not only realistic but incredibly believable, so when one of the show’s many couples finds out that their home is suffering from mold growth, viewers can actual relate to the problem.

Mold being one of the issues that the characters on this show faces is not only a huge step in the right direction for the mold industry but it is also a great way for the general public to be educated about the dangers of in home mold growth. How does it educate them? Well, for the target audience of this particular show, their first thought is generally not related to the things that may or may not be growing in their homes. Placing the issue of in-home mold growth subtly in a TV show that speaks to those who are homeowners who do not often think about the potential issues that their home may have all of the time. The main audience of the show are women, generally 18-45, which is the perfect bracket for those who not only live in purchased homes or own homes, but also either have or are starting families.  When viewers see this issue affecting their favorite characters, they might think that they could also be suffering from an issue with mold growth.

Because the issue of mold growth is getting more and more attention in the media, more and more homeowners will consider having their homes checked for mold, which will bring notoriety to the issue. Awareness is key in educating the public on the fact that mold indeed grows in our homes as well as is a source of potential health danger to our families. Here at AMD, we are glad that mold is becoming more prevalent in the media as it will hopefully help reduce the asthma diagnosis rate as well as allergy problems. The more that you know, the safer that you can keep yourself and your family.

If you are seeing these programs and mentions of mold in the media and on your favorite television programs, don’t panic. Do your research. While mold is something that you should be concerned about, stay cool and call in a professional if you think that you might have a problem with mold growth in your home. A professional can come take a look at any potential problem areas that you suspect could be afflicted with mold and also tell you the right steps for ridding your home of said issue. Call your local mold remediation company today, and if you are interested in learning more about how mold was featured on Parenthood, visit this site: Parenthood.